Otto Flores

Surf Ambassador

Photo by Tim Davis

As a free surfer, Otto Flores has mastered the art of finding waves.

“From an early age, I tried many sports, but the ocean was always calling me,” says Flores

Raised in Puerto Rico, he quickly became a Junior National Champion and began representing his country on the world stage.

As he matured, Flores realized that he was more interested in chasing world-class waves on the roads less traveled.

With his committed approach, Flores worked with well-known photographers to earn stacks of magazine covers and accolades while honing his skills in all types of surf conditions. Flores continues to clock in as much tube time as possible, representing brands and organizations that make sustainability the first priority. In 2018, he helped organize an Ocean Risk Management summit with the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group in Puerto Rico.

His love of surf and environmental advocacy have merged into his current career trajectory. He’s become a high profile ambassador for not only the Patagonia brand but the designated 11th World Surfing Reserve on the Northwest Coast of Puerto Rico. In 2017, he additionally became a key Waves for Water Caribbean Hurricane Initiative leader in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, helping set a course for recovery with an emphasis on sustainability.

He is co-founder of Granito de Arena, a surf and environmental organization that works with youth in low-income coastal communities. The non-profit is dedicated to teaching kids to reduce and reuse plastic in a positive way – first by teaching them to surf, and then by educating them about the effects of plastic in our ocean playground.

Flores was recently named an ambassador for Save the Waves, a global organization dedicated to protecting coastal ecosystems around the world.

Wave For Water
Flores at STW cleanup on Todos Santos in Baja WSR