Meet The Coalition: Uriel Camacho – The Campaign to Protect Punta Conejo

Our campaign to preserve the iconic Oaxacan point break continues!

In 2019, we were alerted to the potential of an industrial port project and launched an international awareness campaign with the support of our local partners at Reservas de Surf Mexico, A.C., Wildcoast, and Union de Surfistas y Salvavidas de Salina Cruz, A.C..

Since then, we have been working diligently with our friends on the ground to find a way to conserve this amazing stretch of coastline and the magical point break at the center of it all. 

We remain passionate about protecting Punta Conejo and head into 2023 with full commitment to the campaign.

Meet The Coalition: Uriel Camacho

At the heart of this struggle and the campaign is one of our local partners. Meet friend, activist and defender of Punta Conejo: Uriel Camacho.

Uriel is originally from Salina Cruz, one of the towns nearest to Punta Conejo. One of the first locals to ever surf, Punta Conejo was where Uriel and his friends learned to ride waves almost 30 years ago. Despite the six kilometer walk from the nearest bus stop, it was the only break he paddled out to for years. At the time, there were no tourists in the area and only a few local surfers like Uriel who surfed the magical point break. 

Today, Uriel is a surf guide and surf photographer in the area. 

“I am very concerned about the threat of destruction of our Punta Conejo. Our livelihoods depend on this ecosystem. Punta Conejo is part of our lives. We love this place with all our hearts.” 

He has seen firsthand how the natural beauty of the coastline has benefited the community: the small local markets are thriving due to the visitors and surf guide services provide a sustainable revenue. Surf tourism has also positively impacted the younger generations, with a new wave of surf fever among the local community.

Uriel’s commitment to the Punta Conejo Campaign is unmatched. He is helping lead the local effort to protect Punta Conejo and the surrounding environment.

With two daughters, Uriel has already taught his eldest to surf Punta Conejo and hopes the point can be enjoyed for future generations.

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