Our Top Ten Accomplishments of 2020

Save The Waves is proud to reflect on our most memorable moments of 2020! These milestones spanned across the globe, were achieved in collaboration with local Coalition partners and often took several years of hard, diligent work to accomplish. The long-term conservation of our coastlines is not won overnight, but the outcome is worth every effort.

This work could not be accomplished without the help of our Coalition partners and the generosity of our supporters. Thank you! Our victories are your victories.


Approved Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica as the newest World Surfing Reserve - the first WSR in Central America - and received support from the federal government and President’s Office.


Dedicated the Noosa World Surfing Reserve, providing additional protection for one of Australia’s most iconic surf ecosystems.


Helped create the Piedra del Viento Coastal Marine Sanctuary with federal approval to protect 10,000 acres of Chile’s central coast, including surf breaks Topocalma and Puertocillo, with our partners at Fundación Rompientes.


Protected Doughmore Beach, Ireland from a now-defeated seawall project proposal by Trump International Golf Links following the multi-year campaign efforts of #NatureTrumpsWalls.


Removed Cowell’s Beach from Heal The Bay’s ‘Beach Bummer’ list for the first time in 10 years, resulting in a significant win for water quality improvement for Santa Cruz.


Initiated work on a Surf Protected Area Network in Azores, beginning a new partnership with the Waitt Foundation, Oceano Azul and the Flotilla Foundation.


Expanded our partnership with Conservation International in Indonesia, with 14 villages approving regulations protecting surf.


Launched our first-ever online platform for Save The Waves Film Festival in response to COVID-19, releasing 6 weekly episodes of surf and environmental films to bring people together amid the global pandemic.


Completed a multi-criteria analysis tool, piloting Mexico and Costa Rica to prioritize regions and sites for our Surf Protected Area Networks.


Co-hosted the 6th iteration of the Global Wave Conference held on Australia’s Gold Coast, where Save The Waves led workshops for World Surfing Reserves and Australia’s National Surfing Reserves.

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