Our Top Ten Moments of 2021

Save The Waves is to proud reveal our top ten moments and accomplishments of 2021! These milestones are not only victories for us, but for our Coalition partners and coastal communities spanning countries across the globe. 

We celebrate historic wins and hard-earned progress today, knowing we will enjoy the impact with generations far into the future. 

Our victories are yours too. Thank you for your support!


Created the first state park in Baja California with our partners at Pronatura Noroeste, providing lasting protection for the iconic San Miguel wave and 67 hectares of green space.


Announced our #1000Waves campaign to protect 1,000 surf ecosystems by 2030.


Launched international campaigns in The Maldives and Katoku, Japan to defend endangered and threatened waves.


Introduced the newest version of our Save The Waves App to include multiple languages, new threat subcategories and improved data sharing, growing our user bases by 56%.


Kickstarted the process to create Surf Protected Area Networks in the Azores, an autonomous island archipelago of Portugal, and helped elevate surfing communities with the Blue Azores program.


Hosted our second-ever Dirty Wave Challenge, a global competition to report at-risk coastlines for a $5K Stewardship Grant, receiving submissions from 14 countries and 7 U.S. states.


Completed crucial research and technical reports - a Save The Waves’ tool called a “Surf Conservation Index” - to help identify and prioritize surf breaks for legal protection in the Azores, Costa Rica, Fiji and Mexico.


Finalized a Surfonomics report in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica in partnership with SandS.


Expanded our collaboration with Conservation International through the Surf Conservation Partnership, creating 20 new surf protected areas.


Grew our Coalition team - with new staff members and on-the-ground coordinators - and added Easkey Britton and Eric Co to our Board of Directors.

Protect the places you love.

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