Permanent Protection For Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve

The World Surfing Reserve at Huanchaco, Peru is on the brink of making history as it applies to gain legal coastal protection under the ‘Ley de Rompientes’ – a landmark Peruvian federal law specifically aimed at protecting waves. The President of Peru signed the federal legislation into law in 2013, however coastal communities have to undertake a rigorous series of studies and formally apply to the government to enjoy the protections afforded through the law. To date, no Peruvian waves been registered for this protection. Approved coastlines are granted legal protections against any project that could otherwise alter their coastline and wave resources.

This week the Huanchaco World Surfing Reserves will be one of the very first Peruvian communities to apply for this designation by submitting a series of studies and justifications for their approval. If approved by the Peruvian Navy – who oversees and enforces the Ley de Rompientes – Huanchaco could be the very first community in the world to have won federal protection of their waves.

Stay tuned for more updates as we report on this exciting development.

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