Playa Hermosa One-Year Later: Progress Made

One year ago, Playa Hermosa was officially dedicated as the 11th World Surfing Reserve and the first in Central America.  While a WSR dedication is a celebration of the recognition of a surf ecosystem becoming a World Surfing Reserve, it is also the formal beginning and implementation of the Stewardship Plan where the vision for conservation is actualized.

The Local Stewardship Council of Playa Hermosa has been working full throttle to implement their stewardship vision which includes protecting the coastal environment from erosion due to climate change impacts,  implementing a sustainable urban design plan, and restoring the ecosystem services the community rely on. Recently, the WSR completed a stewardship project restoring a critical watershed that directly impacts the surf. As part of the blue-green strategy, the WSR has initiated its conservation efforts at the “Quebrada Ganado” microwatershed. This area hosts some of the last patches of coastal tropical rainforest and is a representation of the critical link between watersheds and surf.  The iconic “Terrazas” surf spot directly benefits from this project. By planting over 120 native trees along the watershed, creating a technical analysis of long-term watershed restoration, and developing environmental interpretation materials, the WSR is having major successes in its first year.

Along with the restoration project, the WSR has bolstered other ongoing conservation efforts in the area including helping rebuild the sea turtle hatchery in the Punta Mala National Wildlife Refuge and receiving the distinguished honor or being named a “Blue Flag” beach which is a program that recognizes communities that employ stringent standards to ensure clean water, healthy beaches, and access for the community.

With a strong foundation and several stewardship projects under their belt, Playa Hermosa is setting the standard for surf conservation in Central America. 

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