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We Protect Steward Defend Surf Ecosystems.

We believe that legally protected areas, effective stewardship and a mobilized constituency result in healthy and protected surf ecosystems.


We create well-managed protected areas in high priority coastal ecosystems that overlap with high quality surf. 


We engage and aid communities in the ongoing effective management of surf ecosystems. 


We mount international campaigns to defend surf ecosystems under threat and inspire the public to take action.

Protected Areas

We protect surf ecosystems by creating protected areas in high priority coastal ecosystems that overlap with high quality surf. 


Our flagship program that protects and preserves outstanding surf breaks and their surrounding coastline.


A cutting-edge conservation approach to protecting surf ecosystems that overlap with biodiversity hotspots.

Ongoing campaigns

International campaigns to preserve and defend threatened waves and valuable surf ecosystems – from Mexico to Ireland.

Salvemos Punta Conejo
Nature Trumps Walls
Save San Miguel

Save The Waves App

Empowering surfers and beach lovers to become real-time coastal stewards, and turning everyday global citizens into citizen scientists.

Protect the places you love.

Donate today and make a global impact for our coastlines. 

recent news in programs

Campaign Update: Salvemos Punta Conejo

Last year, we launched the Salvemos Punta Conejo campaign and have been working diligently ever since. We know that once a natural phenomenon like Punta Conejo is altered by industry, it is forever lost. We won’t let this gem go down without a fight.

Take action to preserve Chile’s surf breaks. #LeyDeRompientes

Article written and provided by our international Coalition partners at Fundación Rompientes Social organizations request the State of Chile to protect waves suitable for sports For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, surfing will be recognized as an Olympic sport. In that context, Chile, in its 6,435 kilometers of coastline, holds over a hundred surfbreaks or 

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