We Protect Steward Defend Surf Ecosystems.

We believe that legally protected areas, effective stewardship and a mobilized constituency result in healthy and protected surf ecosystems.


We create well-managed protected areas in high priority coastal ecosystems that overlap with high quality surf. 


We engage and aid communities in the ongoing effective management of surf ecosystems. 


We mount international campaigns to defend surf ecosystems under threat and inspire the public to take action.

Protected Areas

We protect surf ecosystems by creating protected areas in high priority coastal ecosystems that overlap with high quality surf. 


Our flagship program that protects and preserves outstanding surf breaks and their surrounding coastline.


A cutting-edge conservation approach to protecting surf ecosystems that overlap with biodiversity hotspots.

Program Highlight:


Save The Waves launched a new initiative for creating SPANs in the Azores through the Blue Azores program with Waitt Foundation.

Ongoing Campaigns

International campaigns to preserve and defend threatened waves and valuable surf ecosystems – from Mexico to The Maldives.

Save Our Waves Maldives
The Maldives
Salvemos Punta Conejo
Oaxaca, Mexico
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Empowering surfers and beach lovers to become real-time coastal stewards, and turning everyday global citizens into citizen scientists.

Recent News in Programs

Who Selects World Surfing Reserves? Meet The Vision Council 

When Save The Waves created the World Surfing Reserves program 15 years ago, the organization knew it was important to have a group of professionals in the surf and conservation space to help guide the program, establish the conditions and criteria for applications, and most importantly, deliberate on what surf ecosystem should be selected each

On The Ground Update: North Devon World Surfing Reserve

The North Devon World Surfing Reserve has created a unique stewardship project that aims to tackle one of the key threats to the surf ecosystem, water quality. Climate models predict, with a high degree of certainty, that the South West of the UK will experience increased heavy rainfall in short periods. This will increase the

On The Ground Update: Guarda do Embau World Surfing Reserve

In Brazil, the Guarda do Embau World Surfing Reserve continues to be laser-focused on its objective of protecting the Rio do Madre River, the lifeblood of the surf ecosystem. In their “Water for Life” stewardship project, they are focused on 3 major objectives; expanding their water quality testing program to identify problem areas for water

On The Ground Update: Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve

Huanchaco WSR is building climate resilience by restoring totora ponds. Totora is a reed that grows in coastal ponds and has been used for thousands of years to make one of the earliest surf crafts called caballito de totora. The caballito de totora is known as one of the earliest surf crafts when coastal fishermen

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