Endangered Waves


Save The Waves Coalition provides ongoing communication and support to coastal communities grappling with coastal threats through our Endangered Waves program.

We respond to these situations in diverse ways by relying on information provided by proactive individuals working together to slow or stop threats on the ground. Using our contacts, experience, and media reach we provide expert advice, strategies, and support for all inquiries.

Some of the world’s best surfing waves have vanished forever. Killer Dana, Petacalco, La Barre – these were considered some of the world’s best – and yet they were destroyed without much of a fight.

Today, many other spots around the world are threatened by excessive coastal development (marinas, jetties, breakwaters, etc.) industrial pollution and runoff, and barred access to beaches. 

Save The Waves Coalition relies on the engagement and activism of people like you to alert us to wave threats around the world.