Save The Waves Coalition relies on the engagement and activism of people like you to alert us to wave threats around the world.

We take every reported wave seriously and need you to provide critical information pertaining to your reported wave threat. As our local contact for this reported wave, we encourage you to provide as much detailed and accurate information to us as possible so that we can best assess the situation and offer our focused support.

Provide as much information for the questions that you can credibly answer. The information provided determines the most effective way for Save The Waves Coalition to support your campaign to protect your coastline. You should expect to hear from us within one week of submittal via the phone or email contact information you provided with your original “Report a Wave” submission.

  • a. An active coalition of locals opposing the proposed threat.
    b. Local non-governmental organization (NGO) opposing the threat
    c. Credible environmental data about the proposed threat or impacted area. (Ex: Endangered species studies, water quality data, erosion reports, etc)
  • a. Water quality
    b. Sand flow/ bathymetry
    c. Public access
    d. Marine Debris
    e. Coastal Development
    f. Erosion and coastal armoring
  • a. Biodiversity
    b. Endangered species habitat
    c. Unique geologic/ecological/marine features
    d. Migratory corridors
    e. Critical open space
    f. Habitat linkage
    g. Critical wetlands/watersheds
    h. Other (please specify)
  • a. Quality of waves
    b. Consistency of waves
    c. Size of the local surf community
    d. Engagement level of the surf community (surf clubs, advocacy groups, examples of organizing capacity like surf competitions, cleanups, etc)
    e. Impact of surf tourism on local economy
    f. Degree to which the adjacent ocean impacts the local economy.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.