Surfonomics Study: 2013/2014

Daily Expenditure:

$45 per surfer per day

Annual Visitors:


Annual Total Economic Contribution:


Save The Waves Coalition, The Center For The Blue Economy (Monterey Institute of International Studies), and Desarrollo y Gestión Costera initiated a year-long Surfonomics study in the coastal community of Huanchaco, Peru. The economic valuation of the Huanchaco coastline and waves will provide empirical economic data to quantify the dollar value of surfing in Huanchaco and also provide policymakers with data to support the protection of the coastline and living culture.  It was estimated that the average traveling surf spends $45 per day, with an average stay of 19 days. The conservative estimate of total economic contribution is $1.7m. The data produced from this study will reinforce the inherent value in protecting the Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve.

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