Surfonomics Study: 2009

Annual Visitors:

421,431 annual visitors

Annual Economic Contribution:

$24 million dollars annually

Daily Consumer Surplus:

Average visitor received $57 /day in consumer surplus

Save The Waves initiated a joint study in conjunction with the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) at Stanford University and the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization, on the economic value of Maverick’s. This study utilized progressive travel cost models to calculate the value of the wave and area to visitors traveling either to surf or watch the surfers at Maverick’s in Half Moon Bay.

Instead of calculating direct expenditure, this study calculated the consumer surplus, (the difference between what the consumer is willing to pay and what the consumer actually paid), of surf tourists visiting Mavericks.  This study found that the average visitor received $57 in consumer surplus per trip to Mavericks.  In other words, the visitor received $57 in additional value that was received from either surfing or watching the wave.  With an estimated 421,431 visitors annually, the net economic value of the wave Maverick’s is about $24 million dollars.

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