Surfonomics Study: 2014

Daily Expenditure:

$111 daily expenditure by traveling surfers,

Annual Total Economic Local Expenditure:

$1,262 per surfer

On June 17, 2014 Save The Waves dedicated the sixth World Surfing Reserve La Bahia de Todos Santos at the iconic wave of San Miguel.  As a river-mouth wave that depends on a healthy watershed, Save the Waves has partnered with Pronatura-Noroeste, a local conservation organization in Ensenada, to permanently protect 6 kilometers of the river as Baja California’s first state park.

To quantify the economic impact of surfing on the economy of Ensenada, Baja California, two different surveys were completed in order to extract information on direct expenditures related to surfing.  The first survey was intended for foreign surfers and took place at the wave of San Miguel while the second survey was intended for local surfers in Ensenada. The foreign surfer survey component was conducted during two different periods.  The first took place from July to August while the second period lasted from October through December.  This survey was completed in person at the break of San Miguel to quantify the economic impact of surfing at the proposed state park site.  The survey for local surfers began in September and concluded in late February.  This survey was conducted online.

From the foreign surfer’s survey, it was found that the average daily expenditure for a tourist surfer is approximately $111 US dollars.  The locals survey found that the average surfer spends about $1262 US dollars a year on surf-related expenses.

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