We protect surf ecosystems by creating well-managed protected areas in high priority coastal zones that overlap with high quality surf. 

Save The Waves achieves long-term conservation goals and creates impact from the ground up through our two global programs: World Surfing Reserves (WSRs) and Surf Protected Area Networks (SPANs). 


Our flagship program that protects and preserves outstanding wave breaks and their surrounding coastline.


A cutting-edge conservation approach to protecting surf ecosystems that overlap with biodiversity hotspots.


Visiones de éxito en Chile: los esfuerzos colaborativos apuntan a un futuro para una mayor protección de las olas en todo el país

El pasado mes de Septiembre, miembros del staff de Save The Waves visitaron la Reserva Mundial de Surf Punta de Lobos en Pichilemu, y el Santuario Marino Costero Piedra del Viento en Topocalma y Puertecillo, dos proyectos que han sido el parteaguas para la conservación de ecosistemas de surf en Chile, y que han sentado un precedente importante para otras regiones del mundo.

Protecting Waves in the Azores: Where Are We Now?

From hosting youth engagement workshops at schools to attending high-level interregional governmental meetings and international conferences, our team has seriously been making waves in the Azores.

Victories & Impact
Iconic Punta de Lobos Protected Forever
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Victories & Impact
10,000 Acre Sanctuary Created in Chile
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Victories & Impact
Huanchaco Granted Federal Protection
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Victories & Impact
Cruise Terminal Prevented on Gold Coast
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How Do We Create Protected Areas?

We use a combination of voluntary conservation agreements, economic incentives, coalition-building and regulatory frameworks to achieve this goal by creating individual Reserves (WSRS) and Networks (SPANS). 

Protect the places you love.

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