Punta de Lobos dedicated and Noosa, Australia announced as 10th WSR

On Thursday Nov 16. Save The Waves, Fundación Punta de Lobos and Patagonia officially dedicated as Punta de Lobos, Chile a World Surfing Reserve, announcing the next and 10th World Surfing Reserve at Noosa, Australia.

In an intimate ceremony, the iconic Mirador Property was transferred and the World Surfing Reserve officially dedicated. In attendance was Punta de Lobos’ legend Ramon Navarro, Patagonia Ambassadors Greg Long, Kyle Thiermann, Kohl Christensen and Otto Flores, as well as locals at the Fundación Punta de Lobos, and Jack and Kim Johnson.

“Today is a huge leap forward for the protection of Punta de Lobos, and the conservation of our coastlines in Chile.” Said Ramon Navarro.

With the help of Patagonia, the Marisla Foundation, Packard Foundation, Waitt Foundation and over 900 small donors, Save The Waves and partners were able to raise over $750,000 toward the purchase of the property.

“This was an ambitious stretch goal with a lot of peak and valleys along the way. We are incredibly proud to be able to achieve this first important conservation milestone and officially add Punta de Lobos to the World Surfing Reserve roster”, said Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Director of Save The Waves, “and it is fitting that we announce Noosa as the next and 10th WSR from such an iconic place.”

In 2015, Save The Waves and Patagonia launched the “Lobos Por Siempre” campaign following the Chris Malloy film with the goal of raising enough money to purchase the 4.5 acre Mirador Property. The most iconic parcel, the Mirador Property at the very tip of Punta de Lobos was purchased by Chilean Philanthropist Nico Davis and held with an agreement to sell only to the local Fundación when the money had been raised.

On the other side of the globe, the community of Noosa celebrated the announcement with elation.

“We are incredibly stoked and humbled to be joining this network of amazing surf locations around the world.” Said Phil Jarratt, legendary surf journalist and WSR Noosa President. “It is a crowning achievement for Noosa, and our congratulations to our friends in Chile”.

Noosa was chosen as the 10th World Surfing Reserve for its beautiful pointbreaks and visionary coastal conservation.


About STW: Save The Waves protects coastal ecosystems around the world in partnership with local communities, utilizing a unique combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action.

About WSRs: World Surfing Reserves, a program of Save The Waves, proactively identifies, designates and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and surrounding environments around the world. The program serves as a global model for preserving wave breaks and their surrounding areas.

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