Raising Impact: Save The Waves Receives Funds & Tools from Mulago Foundation

In June of 2019, Save The Waves’ Executive Director, Nik Strong-Cvetich, was named as one of Mulago’s Henry Arnhold Fellows, a group of “standout leaders focused on scalable solutions in conservation and climate.”

Mulago Foundation is providing Save The Waves with critical funds and tools to scale their work to protect 1,000 surf ecosystems by 2025. “We’re grateful for their support of our work as we expand in places like Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia and beyond,” said Nik. “Their focus on impact at scale is critical for Save The Waves development to meet this goal.”

The Mulago Foundation states its purpose: For the last 15 years, our Rainer Arnhold Fellows program has been focused on social entrepreneurs with scalable solutions to poverty.  Through that work we’ve come to see that A) development efforts to help the poor will ultimately fail if we continue to erode the ecological underpinnings of prosperity, and B) the social entrepreneurship movement needs to penetrate more deeply into conservation.  Conservation and development are two halves of a prosperous future.

Mulago believes that achievable growth in the conservation world requires sustainable methods in the places organizations are most likely to work, instead of taking a project-by-project approach (or “battle-by-battle). Using this core idea, fellows in the program are able to critically think about effective ways to scale impact.

Save The Waves is honored to be included among the Henry Arnold Fellows and excited to implement the tools and models provided by Mulago to expand overall impact in conserving surf ecosystems around the world.

Here are 2019 Henry Arnhold Fellows:


President & CEO – Ocean Outcomes (O2) Ocean Outcomes links artisanal fishing communities to the sustainable seafood movement. They help cooperatives capture economic value through better fisheries  management.


Founder & Creative Director – World Fish Migration Foundation (also: Dam Removal Europe) Dam Removal Europe gets dams demolished and promotes free-flowing rivers. They identify obsolete dams, advocate for removal and provide funds to get it going, and then publicize the results to generate momentum.


CEO – Jurua Institute Jurua Institute helps communities develop freshwater management plans based on pirarucu (a giant, high-value fish), then harvest and market the fish so the better management pays off.


Director – Madagasikara Voakajy (MaVoa) Madagasikara Voakajy brokers agreements between government, business and communities to create community-managed protected areas and reduce threats to endangered species.


Managing Director – Pyoe Pin Institute Pyoe Pin Institute helps communities manage freshwater fisheries in Myanmar. They also work to promote legislation that recognizes and supports community-based management.


Marine Program Director – Wildaid WildAid helps governments and communities enforce existing Marine Protected Areas.  Their trainings and tools build better governance and increase the odds that MPAs work.


CPO – Rainforest Alliance Rainforest Alliance works with rural communities to conserve forests and support livelihoods. They use a market-driven approach to improve conservation at the landscape-scale.


Executive Director – Save The Waves Save the Waves engages surfers and coastal communities to protect surf ecosystems.  These micro-Marine Protected Areas protect coasts and promote sustainable economies.


CEO – Frost Methane  Frost Methane aspires to find and mitigate methane leaks in the permafrost. They invented a device to flare leaks to reduce methane emissions, a contributor to climate change.


CEO – Wildlife Direct Wildlife Direct connects people to wildlife through a television program and works in schools to inspire the next generation to conserve nature.


CEO – Blueyou Blueyou grows the sustainable seafood market by developing small scale fisheries projects and brokering investment in those fisheries.  Their new work focuses on Latin America.


Executive Director – SED Fund SED Fund provides communities in India and South Asia access to clean energy. They get strategic support and money directly to local communities who campaign for renewable energy transformation. 

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