Reducing Ocean Pollution Together: Introducing “The Plastic Wave” by Ethan Estess

Save The Waves celebrated the life and legacy of Jack O’Neill on July 9th with the O’Neill crew for a beach day event at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz. 

With the help of Artist Ambassador Ethan Estess, we officially unveiled “The Plastic Wave” – a seven foot wave sculpture created out of 1,000 intercepted plastic phone cases made with our partners at Pela Case. 

The old plastic cases were collected through Pela’s innovative 360 program and sent to Santa Cruz, CA where Ethan set to work on creating the sculpture, completed with an interactive, rideable surfboard. 

Save The Waves was honored to be invited by O’Neill to join them for a memorable day at Jack O’Neill Park in the heart of the Santa Cruz World Surfing Reserve.  


Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the greatest threats to surf ecosystems across the globe. With Ethan’s artistic skills, it’s easy to visualize the destruction of pristine surf breaks with his barrel of plastic instead of clean water.

Save The Waves also stresses the importance that what’s on your phone is equally as important to how you use it. With the recently launched Save The Waves App, the everyday surfer and beach goers can now report and tag coastal threats with a few easy clicks on their phone. 

Every person can contribute to the reduction of plastic in our oceans and help report marine debris when they see it. Check out Pela’s biodegradable phone cases and then download the Save The Waves App today.


  • 91% of single-use plastics end up in landfills and the sea.

  • 70% of our earth is covered by oceans, making plastic pollution a major contributor to global warming.

  • Over 700 marine species are in danger of extinction due to plastic in our oceans.

  • Micro-plastics are found in everyday items we ingest such as tap water, beer, and salt!

  • Over 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold each year.

  • The average person changes their phone every 18-24 months, but their case lasts for hundreds of thousands of years.

Protect the places you love.

Donate today and make a global impact for our coastlines. 

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