Representatives from All 12 World Surfing Reserves Convene at Coalition Summit

The Coalition Summit held in Santa Cruz on June 7 through June 9 was a historic event for Save The Waves and the protection of surf ecosystems more broadly.  It was the first time in the history of the World Surfing Reserves program that we brought the entire network together with all 12 WSR’s represented by a Local Stewardship Council member.

The power of this gathering was symbolized by a ceremonial representation of the unity of the WSR network and the connected nature of our oceans and coastlines.  Each WSR representative poured a sample of ocean water from their surf ecosystem into a bowl and spoke to the unique characteristics of their home coastline.

The ceremony was the perfect way to kick off a series of discussions and workshops on how the network of World Surfing Reserves can work together to advance the protection of surf ecosystems and how Save The Waves can best support the individual stewardship projects happening in each Reserve.  But beyond all of the strategies discussed and the new tools and scientific advancements shared, the power of being together proved to be the most potent and lasting impact from the summit.  Sharing stories and the love of surfing and the ocean with such incredible, dedicated people created a significant bond that will uplift and bolster our collective work in protecting the places we all love.

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