Killalea, The Farm, New South Wales Australia

Killalea, also known as “The Farm” is a National Surfing Reserve and public space that is being threatened by encroaching development.

Save The Waves has joined the Save Killalea Alliance, National Surfing Reserve Killalea, Surfrider Australia and others to oppose encroaching development on Crown Land at The Farm.


Killalea has been protected from encroaching development for years due to its National Surfing Reserve status as well as being part of Australia’s public lands system known as “Crown Lands”.  Under this arrangement, the incredible coastal environment and biodiversity has provided a rich backdrop for a thriving surf culture that honors the surrounding ecosystem as much as the wave itself.   Unfortunately, the original public trust set up for the Killalea State Park was handed over to a professional trust who are planning a massive expansion of a holiday park that would include building cabins, an event center, and other infrastructure over open land that has been left untouched and enjoyed by locals for years.  

There is broad opposition to this project.  A world record paddle out was held in May of 2021 that saw close to 700 surfers taking to the water to show their desire to keep The Farm open to the public and protected as a National Surfing Reserve from encroaching development.

Save The Waves is supporting the Save Killalea Alliance in their campaign efforts and imploring the New South Wales government to return Killalea State Park management over to a public trust to ensure that the surf ecosystem remains the incredible natural sanctuary it is today.

Why Saving The Farm Is A Bigger Deal Than It Seems

Article by Nick Caroll

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