Save The Waves Film Festival returns!

The world’s only international surf and environmental film festival is officially back.

(June 6 2024)  A community favorite returns this summer.

Since its creation in 2008, Save The Waves Film Festival (STWFF) has focused on one thing: curating stunning surf and environmental films that inspire and educate others to protect our coastlines. 

More than 16 years later, STWFF has been screened and enjoyed by audiences up and down the West and East Coasts of the United States, across Europe, Australia, Latin America and has gone as far as Bali, Fiji and Rapa Nui in previous iterations. 

STWFF has been on hiatus since the COVID pandemic in 2020, but we’re proud to bring back this cornerstone of our nonprofit.

This year’s lineup of surf and environmental films feature stories from California, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Morocco and Portugal. Among the short and feature films are Coco Nogales, Shane Dorian, Bianca Valenti, Greg Long, Ramon Navarro, Jerome Cleotens, Rabbit Bartholomew, Kassia Meador, Miguel Blanco, Matt Bromley, Quetzal Estrada, and more.

Beyond its surf content, Save The Waves Film Festival also includes documentary and nonfiction films about the ocean, climate and those who are the frontlines of coastal conservation. 

"Protecting Surf Ecosystems & Inspiring Others To Do The Same​"

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The international film tour plays an important role in Save The Waves’ nonprofit work: each event is a fundraiser with proceeds promoting and protecting surf ecosystems worldwide.

Upcoming stops include: Santa Cruz and Laguna Beach in California; Playa Brasil and Puerto Escondido in Mexico; Gold Coast, Noosa and Manly Beach in Australia; and Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. More stops are being planned and added to Europe, including Portugal, South America and more.

The official world premiere will take place on June 11 in Playa Brasil, Mexico with a special community screening at the site of Save The Waves’ campaign to protect and defend iconic point break Punta Conejo alongside local partners.

Check out the tour schedule, save the date and be ready to buy your seat when tickets go on sale! 

This year’s Save The Waves Film Festival is proudly presented by O’Neill, and is supported by Rivian, West Peak, dryrobe, Klean Kanteen and Mountains Wave Marketing.

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