Pushing For Permanent Protection

On November 7th, 2014, Save The Waves embarked on a yearlong mission to gather 10,000 signatures urging the Governor of Baja, California to approve a new state park at Arroyo San Miguel. In less than three months we have already hit the halfway mark of that goal and are still pushing hard to hit 10,000.

At the heart of a recently declared World Surfing Reserve in northern Baja, the San Miguel watershed is a critical riparian ecosystem that contributes necessary sand and cobblestones to form the classic wave at San Miguel. Through this petition, we ask the Governor of Baja California, Francisco ‘Kiko’ Vega, to declare this as Baja California’s first State Park to guarantee long-term legal protections. Approval of the proposed 58 hectare Arroyo San Miguel State Park will create the first state park in Baja California and will protect 6 kilometers of watershed that drain at the rivermouth at San Miguel beach.

This crowd-sourced campaign needs your activism! Help us get to 10,000 signatures by signing the petition and sharing it with your networks of wave, watershed, and Baja lovers.

Sign the petition here.

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