SC City Council Approves Cowell’s Working Group

One of the most heavily used beaches in Santa Cruz, by both sunbathers and surfers alike.  The new Cowell’s working group seeks long term solutions addressing the water quality issues of Cowell’s main beach. Photo: Patrick Trefz

In a move to improve the water quality conditions at Cowell’s Beach, the Santa Cruz City Council voted to approve a new Cowell’s working group, proposed by Save The Waves and supported by the Surfrider Foundation Santa Cruz Chapter, and the Coastal Watershed Council. The vote formalized the city’s support and involvement in a Cowell’s working group to address the ongoing water quality issues at the historic beach. The partner groups and Santa Cruz City staff will act collaboratively to create long-term solutions to reduce bacteria counts in near-shore waters.

“We all agree this is a encouraging development and a positive step towards improvement on the issue,” STW Executive Director Nik Strong-Cvetich said, “From Junior Guards to Jack O’Neill, Cowell’s is a very important beach to the community.”

The vote passed unanimously, with support from the Council. City Councilmember David Terrazas stated, “This issue is critical to our community and our economy, and we welcome the support of Save The Waves and the other key groups in this effort.”

Earlier in the year, Heal The Bay identified Cowell’s Beach as the most impacted in the State of California. The working group’s goal will be to move Cowell’s beach off the top spot of Heal The Bay’s “Beach Bummer” list through increased monitoring, innovative policy solutions and community engagement.

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