See It Here First: ‘Trump’s Irish Wall’ Video

Save The Waves is proud to release this short video exposing Trump’s proposed seawall in Ireland. Be one of the first to see it. We need your help to defeat this – time is running out and the stakes are high.

Quick actions that can help us defeat Trump’s Irish Wall:


1. We need more signatures! ‘Copy/Paste’ the bolded text below into your Facebook feed.

Stop Trump’s Irish Wall!

Join me! SIGN THE PETITION – http://chn.ge/2cl0wqB – to oppose Donald Trump’s proposed seawall in Western Ireland. Help defeat this 2.8 kilometer, 15ft tall, 200,000-ton mistake. #NatureTrumpsWalls

2. Visit our online store to pick up a #NatureTrumpsWalls t-shirt or sticker. All proceeds support the campaign!

Media Contact
Nick Mucha, Director of Programs


Video courtesy of mouseROAR
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