Steps Closer to San Miguel State Park

Executive Director Nik Strong-Cvetich just returned from a field visit to Bahia de Todos Santos WSR where he met with partners and was able to check in on progress toward the San Miguel State Park.

“We are seeing real action as a result of our #SaveSanMiguel campaign”, said Strong-Cvetich. “The Ministry of the Environmental Protection of Baja California has put together a clear set of next steps for the creation of a State Park at San Miguel.”

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San Miguel State Park will play an important role in protecting green spaces on land and in the water.

The goal of the campaign is get San Miguel approved and designated as Baja CA’s first state park by the Governor of the state. The proposed park would protect the watershed and wave and provide much desired green space for the community of Ensenada.

In order to achieve this the Ministry has outlined the need for three studies outlining the watershed, oceanographic, and socioeconomic conditions of the proposed park area. The goal being that once these studies are completed, the park will be approved in 2016. Save The Waves will be assisting our partners in these studies, as well as continuing to gather signatures and demonstrate support for the project.


Help us gather all the signatures we need by signing the petition and keeping this project a priority for the Baja State government. Click here.

Additionally, the San Miguel project was highlighted recently on NPR’s Latino USA, which can be heard here: http://latinousa.org/2015/08/07/saving-baja/

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