A petition containing over 104,000 signatures opposing the construction of a sea wall by USA President Donald Trump at his golf course in Ireland is to be presented to him when he arrives on Wednesday, June 5th.

Save The Waves, a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting surf ecosystems around the world, carried out the the petition in partnership with Irish NGOs. More than 700 letters were also submitted in opposition to the project from around the world.

Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) Director Tony Lowes, who is bringing the petition to Doonbeg Wednesday evening on behalf of the coalition, said that they hope to deliver the petition to the hotel for the President so he takes into account the global opposition to this project. FIE, which is a registered Irish charity, have notified the Guards about their intent to deliver the petition.

“It is important that people realize that whatever about the understandable support for Trump locally, the destruction of the dune system is opposed world-wide,” Mr. Lowes said today in outlining the organization’s plans.

He told the media that the FIE, Save The Waves and partners have called on the Planning Appeals Board to have an Oral Hearing ’in view of the implications for coastal planning of the changing context of climate change’.

The West Coast Surf Club, and the Clare-based Save Doughmore Doonbeg Beach Community Group have been joined by the newly formed Lahinch Chapter of Surfrider Foundation Europe to oppose the project locally. Lexi Keating of Surfrider said, ‘We’d like to emphasize that, in spite of what you might read, many people locally are opposed to the way Donald Trump is behaving. The growing positive economic impact of surfing to the area is being ignored, as is the value of the delicate natural ecosystem that makes Doughmore so beautiful.’

Trent Hodges, Save The Waves Conservation Programs Manager, said that “a panel of renowned coastal experts working with the #NatureTrumpsWalls campaign asserted, ‘We want to emphasize our absolute certainty that the proposed seawalls will destroy the beach in front of them and will increase the rate of erosion on adjacent beaches. The only question is the timing — will it happen in a few years or will it happen in a decade or two. It will happen.’”

#NatureTrumpsWalls is a coalition of organizations including Save The Waves, Friends of the Irish Environment, Save Doughmore Beach Group, Friends of the Earth Ireland, West Coast Surf Club, Irish Surfing Association, and Surfrider EU Foundation Europe.

About Save The Waves Coalition:

Save The Waves is a global nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting the coastal environment with a focus on the surf zone. For more information, please visit savethewaves.org.

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