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"A Lesson In Three Images with Grant Ellis"

By Jack Boston

Three Images is told from the perspective of a young surfer growing up without any of the iconic magazines that served as cultural touchstones, influencing and informing the world of surfing for over half a century. After finding an old discarded Surfer magazine, our protagonist finds his way to a mysterious exhibit where he is taken on an audio visual journey through some of the most impactful images in the history of surfing.

"Behind a Wall of Sea"

By Artur Jorge Benevides

Educational documentary on environmental conservation, specifically focusing on the waves of the Azores in Portugal.

"El día en que Los Morros hablaron"

By Rodrigo Farias Moreno

Documentary about the biggest swell that has been seen in Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, experienced on Monday, August 15, 2023. A celebration whose purpose is to celebrate and unite big wave surfing, to publicize the magical break of the Punta de Lobos Park, to promote initiatives for the conservation and protection of the coastal edge, to enhance local culture and thus activate sustainable tourism.


By Adam Warmington

San Francisco based filmmaker Adam Warmington immerses us in the day-to-day struggles of Anthony Stepney from San Francisco's Hunters Point neighborhood, who discovers his love of the ocean and finds inner peace

"Mer, Mère"

By Lucas Lengagne

In the French language, the words « sea » and « mother » have the same pronunciation. From this fact came the idea of this short movie ; the similarities we can find between the one who gave us birth, and the mother we all come from, the Ocean.

"Panamuna (Ocean)"

By Tiago Falcao

The film illustrates the significance of the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve, addressing topics such as surf etiquette, overcrowding, and the well-being promoted by surfing destinations and practices on the Gold Coast.

"The Passenger 2"

By Miguel Blanco

"The Passenger 2" is a captivating short film that showcases some of the finest moments in the surfing’s journey of Miguel Blanco in 2023 and 2024, a renowned surfer and environmentalist. The film begins and concludes in Portugal, where Blanco reconnects with his home environment, drawing strength and inspiration from the familiar landscapes. This connection to his roots is what fuels him to tackle the pressing issues of climate change, political upheaval, and environmental crises.

"Place of Thorns | The Story of Puerto Escondido"

By Alan van Gysen and Will Bendix

“The film tells the story of one of the world’s most incredible waves, Puerto Escondido, from its discovery by early pioneers when it was just a small fishing village, to the bustling tourist mecca it has become today.”

"Salvemos Punta Conejo"

By Save The Waves & Russell Holliday

Protect the wave and you protect the place. Protect the place and you protect the wave. Save The Waves Coalition and local partners fight to defend Oaxaca’s iconic point break, Punta Conejo.

"Sea Walls South Sea Calling"

By Pangeaseed

Dive into this recap video of Pangeaseed Foundation’s recent community mural in Pacitan, Indonesia. Let’s embrace the spirit of 'MEMAYU HAYUNING BUWANA', a united call to cherish and protect our precious oceans! Together, we’re taking tangible action and creating a lasting impact by engaging and inspiring the local community by bringing the beauty of the oceans to the streets. Through awe-inspiring, large-scale public artworks and impactful community outreach, we shed light on crucial marine environmental issues.

"The Strait"

By O'Neill

The Strait follows Jerome Cloetens as he explores the significance of Morocco's Strait of Gibraltar.

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