Surf Conservation as a Lifeline

Picture of By Laura Zumbado

By Laura Zumbado

Costa Rica Surf Protected Areas Coordinator

For me, conservation is a lifeline, both for us and other species. In these times of climate crisis, I think conservation is essential to mitigate and adapt to the changes that behold us and our children.

In Costa Rica, we are privileged to have a variety and high quality surf ecosystems on both of our coasts. In most cases, these surf ecosystems have a beautiful scenario with rich biodiversity and gentle, hardworking communities. 

Protecting these ecosystems is vital to continue to enjoy the well-being that they bring to us.

This well-being comes from:

Surf ecosystems in Costa Rica are valued – nationally and internationally – and it’s important that they are recognized, cherished and protected.

At the Playa Hermosa World Surfing Reserve, an amazing team and community are making these efforts. 

By doing so, we hope to inspire other communities to join the movement and protect their own surf ecosystems.

Laura Zumbado is an Environmental Engineer from Costa Rica. A dedicated surfer and sustainability advocate, she serves as Chair for the Playa Hermosa World Surfing Reserve. She is also the Save The Waves Coordinator for the Costa Rica Surf Protected Area Network.

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