Save The Waves Coalition, The Center For The Blue Economy (Monterey Institute of International Studies), and Desarrollo y Gestión Costera initiated a year-long Surfonomics study in the coastal community of Huanchaco, Peru. The economic valuation of the Huanchaco coastline and waves will provide empirical economic data to quantify the dollar value of surfing in Huanchaco and also provide policymakers with data to support the protection of the coastline and living culture. The data produced from this study will reinforce the inherent value in protecting the Huanchaco World Surfing Reserve.

Conclusion from report

Using a beach survey of surfers in Huanchaco, Peru it was quantified that an average tourist spends approximately $45 US dollars a day.  At an annual visitation rate of 6,739 tourist surfers a year, the annual economic contribution of surfing is $303,255 US dollars into the Huanchaco economy.  This number however, is very conservative as a 6,739 visitation rate by tourist surfers is considered low and most likely will increase significantly in the future. As the average surfer spends 19 days per year in the area, it is calculated that a visiting surfer spends $855 US dollars a year in Huanchaco.

Waves are a valuable resource. Places that have excellent quality waves and surrounding environments draw surfers from around the globe.  Waves however, are sensitive to physical coastal alterations, development, water pollution and other threats.  In order for Huanchaco to continue receiving the economic benefits of surf tourism, the waves and coastal environment must be preserved and protected for the surfing economy to persist into the future. 

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