Lobitos, Peru


Photo Credit: Henry Espinoza


Lobitos is a perfect example of how a small village can benefit from, and depend on, the preservation of a world-class wave.
Findings of the Surfonomics study shows that 46% of surfers visiting Lobitos are from South America while 35% are from Europe and 11% from North America.  

Research findings indicate that in 2019, surfing attracted 8,586 surf tourists to Lobitos. On average, they stayed for 8 days in the village. This suggests surf tourism contributed approximately US $3.6 million to the local economy, a significant economic contribution.

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This study was carried out on the ground by the local nonprofit organization EcoSwell and written and analyzed together with the Federal University of Santa Catarina Surf and Sustainability Research group (SandS).  The group SandS from Brazil also completed the Guarda do Embaú Surfonomics report.

The world-class waves of Lobitos are under threat from harmful coastal development and poor urban planning as well as water quality impacts from poor solid waste management.  This study shows the inherent economic value of surf tourism in Lobitos and what the community stands to lost if some of these threats are not adequately addressed.

All primary data was collected throughout 2019 to collect information over the entire surf season.  Face to face interviews were conducted with a survey instrument based on previous Direct Expenditure Analysis reports completed by Save The Waves.  A total of 202 usable responses were collected and integrated into the final analysis.

Download the PDF. Surfonomics Report includes:

Photo Credit: Henry Espinoza

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