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North Devon, UK is dedicated as the 12th World Surfing Reserve

The first World Surfing Reserve in the United Kingdom was dedicated in North Devon! As only one of twelve World Surfing Reserves designated across the globe, the inauguration sets into motion new and enthusiastic efforts to protect and preserve over 30 km of coastline.

North Devon: The Quintessential UK Surf Ecosystem

As surfers, we value places with good waves, but there are other factors that keep us enchanted and hooked to our favorite coastal zones. Selected as the next World Surfing Reserve North Devon embodies the definition of a surf ecosystem.

North Devon announced as 12th World Surfing Reserve

North Devon has been selected at the 12th World Surfing Reserve! This international designation recognises the area’s outstanding quality surfing beaches, and brings together the local community to celebrate and protect their coastal heritage.

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