To Surfers & Water-Dwellers: Doing Our Part 

We at Save The Waves love surfing more than anyone, but now is the time to stay home. Around the world, countries are shutting down access to the beaches and surfing. While normally we’d be up in arms, we are supportive of these actions. The COVID-19 epidemic is more serious than anything we’ve dealt with as a global community and it has come to do our part. And that means staying out of the water.


For one, people at surfing locations are continuing to crowd more populated areas. We have seen this at many of the World Surfing Reserves, as well as at our local breaks. This increases the risk of not only everyone in the water, but also families at home.

Second, it is clear that both surfers and beach goers are still traveling beyond their own backyard to go to the beach. This also increases the risk of transmitting the virus from region to region.

Finally, while there isn’t enough information or data yet known, there is the possibility, however low, that the virus could be transmitted through waste water into the ocean – particularly through raw sewage outflow – and then further transmitted by ocean spray and wind.

It’s a collective effort.

We all want to get back out in the water, but the sooner we get through this collectively, the sooner we’ll be able to flatten the curve and return to the places we love. We are all going to have to sacrifice right now, but in the long run it’ll be worth it. We don’t want the surf spots closed any longer than they need to be, and this is what we need to do right now to keep the larger population safe.

So please honor the closures, obey your local regulations, stay home and do your part to ensure that we can get back in the water as soon as possible.

Resources that are helpful during this time are the CDC website and also the World Health Organization’s website.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and help our global community reduce the spread of this virus.

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