Top Ten Accomplishments of 2016

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve had the most impactful year in our history.

1. Gathered 100,000+ signatures on #NatureTrumpsWalls Campaign and stopped Donald Trump’s Irish Wall;
2. Reduced Cowell’s Bacteria concentrations by 50%, California’s “dirtiest beach” in the Santa Cruz WSR;
3. Approved Guarda do Embaú, Brazil as the 9th World Surfing Reserve;
4. Dedicated Gold Coast, Australia as the 8th WSR and stopped the proposed cruise ship terminal at Kirra Point;
5. Ericeira WSR created the world’s first Surf Interpretive Center and began plans to purchase land for conservation of the Reserve;
6. Alerted the world to Endangered Waves in Doughmore, Ireland; Algarve, Portugal; and Scorpion Bay, Mexico;
7. Grew STW film fest to 13 stops in Portugal, the East Coast, California, Baja and Hawaii;
8. Honored Dr. Charles Lester, Greg Long and Bureo Inc, as “Wave Savers” at the 10th Anniversary of Life is a Wave;
9. Launched trial version of Endangered Waves Mobile App to empower surfers as stewards of their coasts; and
10. Legal protection obtained for Huanchaco through WSR and Ley de Rompientes, blocked a series of Jetties.

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