Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) has submitted another proposal at Doughmore Beach

While the new proposal is significantly scaled back from the original proposal that our #NatureTrumpsWalls campaign helped defeat, it does include two walls totaling over 850 meters long and represents a very short-sighted erosion control defense that will:

  • Accelerate erosion along adjacent points of Doughmore Beach; the unprotected stretches of beach will see significant erosion.
  • Under this scenario, require additional walls in future years to defend against the accelerated erosion at adjacent beaches.
  • As such, these initial walls will set the precedent for a much bigger erosion protection scheme and represents the same long term threat to the ecology and pristine coastal environment as the original proposal.

The new proposal is currently being reviewed by the Clare County Planning Department and they are accepting letters of objection. Save The Waves urges you to take 5 minutes and send your objection letter to us by January 30th so that it can be submitted along with thousands of other letters on February 2nd.

Save The Waves Coalition is building off an unprecedented success in blocking President Trump’s first seawall proposal and is now mobilizing the wide support from coastal activists, journalists, and the media organizations to stymie this new ill-conceived proposal.

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About Save The Waves Coalition

Save The Waves Coalition is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the coastal environment with a focus on the surf zone.

Save The Waves Coalition takes a unique approach to protecting coastlines and surf through a combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action campaigns.

We Need Your Immediate Support! How You Can Help: 

1. By January 30th, visit this website to see our sample letter that you can fire off in five minutes flat. Simply add your personal information and send it, or many any personal modifications.

2. After modifying the letter however you see fit (please keep it respectful and focused on the issues, not Trump), you can email the letter to letters@savethewaves.org

3. We will compile all the letters and submit them to the Clare County Planning Department along with Save The Waves’ formal objection.

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