Two Months Later: Update on the Oil Spill at Punta Conejo

After participating with other community members in the oil spill cleanup at Punta Conejo, our local partners are in the process of requesting a document that would describe the technical aspects of the response to mitigate damage caused by the spill from Administración del Sistema Portuario Nacional (Asipona), Agencia de Seguridad, Energía y Ambiente (Asea), and PEMEX.

Additionally, an environmental complaint with PROFEPA has been filed. The immediate goal is to learn about the protocol and attention given to the oil spill. This will be an opportunity to improve actions from all parties to prevent future events.

How will Save The Waves use this information? These reports will be included in our proposal to designate this unique ecosystem as a Protected Area and Ramsar site. This recent event highlights the importance of protecting this surf ecosystem and how a large-scale industrial petroleum project would negatively impact the region. 

Our conservation project in Punta Conejo will prevent further threats to the coastal environment, the world-famous waves, biodiversity, and the local livelihoods and, ultimately, help conserve this amazing habitat and coastline. 

Learn more about the campaign to protect Punta Conejo at https://www.savethewaves.org/punta-conejo/

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