Victory for Sloat!

California Coastal Commission Unanimously Denies Permit for More Armoring

The Coastal Commission voted yesterday to deny the City of SF Department of Public Works permit for after-the-fact rock revetment and further coastal armoring in the Sloat area of Ocean Beach.The Commission denied the permit unanimously.

Commissioners made comments about “sending a message” to DPW that it is time to identify and implement long-term solutions to coastal erosion issues in Ocean Beach, alternatives that are much more sensitive to coastal access, the natural environment, aesthetics, and recreation.

This is a fantastic step in the right direction and could not have been achieved without a great team including Sarah Damron of the Surfrider Foundation, Bill McLaughlin of the San Francisco Chapter of Surfrider, Mark Massara, Lara Truppelli of SAND OB, and many others who contributed and even stayed late into the night to speak. A special thanks to the organizations that signed-on to a letter urging denial of the permit, the more than 500 individuals who submitted letters in opposition to the project, as well as the countless who have worked on this issue over the years.

While this will hopefully jump-start a change of the status quo, a lot of important work remains to address the coastal erosion issues of Ocean Beach in a way that protects habitat, access, and the beach.

Background on the Issue:


Let’s Take Back Ocean Beach

Urge the California Coastal Commission to Deny DPW Permit at Next Wednesday’s Meeting

The City of San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) is soliciting a permit (Application No. 2-10-33) to allow after-the-fact rock revetment and to add additional armoring (tangent pile walls and more revetment). Urge the California Coastal Commission to DENY Application No. 2-10-33 (City & County of San Francisco). At a very minimum, the California Coastal Commission should postpone making a decision upon the completion of the OB Master Plan.


Understanding the Issue: Poor planning, increased erosion and rising sea levels are taking their toll on the southern limits of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. For the past several decades, the waves at South Sloat have been eroding the cliffs, where the highway, adjacent parking lots, and sewage infrastructure were built too close to the coast. The local community is demanding the City implement an environmentally sustainable solution, including adopting a strategy of strategic relocation to remove infrastructure and restore the sandy bluffs and nearby beach.

What’s at Stake: Ocean Beach’s Coastal Resources

The Sloat area of Ocean Beach is a dynamic region that is home to world-class surfing, numerous wildlife species including the bank swallow and the endangered snowy plover, and also is a heavily used natural recreational resource for beach walkers, joggers, fishermen, and others.

You Can Help! Make Your Voice Heard:

1)     Attend the July 13th CA Coastal Commission Meeting. The meeting will be on Wednesday July 13, at Marin County Board of Supervisors 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 330, San Rafael 94903. Speakers are suggested to arrive at 1pm.


2)     If you can’t attend in person, write a letter urging the denial of the permit. It really makes a difference! Please visit this link to submit a letter to deny the permit, which will provide you with a template that you are welcome to modify make to it personal.




You can also send letters directly or call. Here’s the info:

California Coastal Commission
45 Fremont Street, Suite 2000
San Francisco, CA 94105-2219

(415) 904-5260 or (415) 904-5200



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