We Need To Do Better. #BlackLivesMatter

To the Save The Waves community, 

We believe it is important to speak out, leverage our platform, and reaffirm to our followers and our community the things we stand for, especially when the times around us are difficult. 

We assert our stance against systemic racism in our common institutions and stand in solidarity with people of color. We support those who are devoted to securing justice and fighting against inequality.

In response to “staying in our lane”: All environmental issues are also issues of justice – their intersection is undeniable. We see these ties plainly in surf communities around the world, embedded in the work and places we dedicate ourselves to. We recognize that both surfing and conservation as institutions suffer from implicit discrimination. We can do better.  

As environmental organizations, we must include and stand with Black, Indigenous and marginalized communities if we ever wish to achieve our missions to protect the places we love. Anything less is unacceptable and a failure. 

We realize solidarity is, in itself, not enough. That this social media post is also not enough. But we remain committed to inclusion in our platform, practices and governance, to the empowerment of the POC communities we work in coalition with, and to always seek improvement in this regard. 

We will do our part. We encourage all others to self-educate, explore and listen carefully. 


Save The Waves Staff

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