World Surfing Reserve Cultural Exchange

]It’s a sharing of surf culture you’ve never seen before.

The Australian Peruvian World Surfing Reserve Tour is a unique three week trip along the East Coast of Australia, from Bondi to Noosa, led by delegates from both the Huanchaco and Gold Coast World Surfing Reserves. 

The Peruvian delegation is headed by Peru’s first World Surfing Champion (1965) Felipe Pomar – 72 and still charging 30ft waves like a champ – and joined by WSR committee members Carlos Antonio Ferrer, a STW Vision Council member, and Carlos Ucanan Arzola, known as “Huevito” and WSR ambassador.

Huevito, also known as the King of the Caballito, is an Indigenous 500th descendent and is constructing and demonstrating the Caballito de Totora – a reed board dating over 3,000 years and believed to be the first craft in the art of surfing – in a series of exhibitions along the Australian coast. This is the first time the caballito has been constructed and surfed outside of Peru.

The Peruvian delegates are joined by Gold Coast Surfing Legends Rabbit Barthaolomew and Cheyne Horan.

The tour is timed to coincide with the March 8th dedication of the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve, the eighth of its kind in the world. 

This whirlwind and one-of-a-kind tour has highlighted the strong global network of WSR’s and further fostered a greater appreciation for the timeless contributions of Peru and Huanchaco in surf history.

Check out the full itinerary for the Australian Peruvian Tour here.

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