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Our campaigns inspire action that result in conservation.

We partner with local communities and movements to mitigate and defeat immediate threats, or to preemptively protect surf ecosystems before they can be destroyed or altered.

We respond to these situations in a diverse number of ways. Using our experience and platform, we attempt to provide expert advice, strategies, and support for all inquiries.


We partner with local communities and movements to mitigate and defeat immediate threats before they can be destroyed or altered.

We respond to threats in a diverse number of ways, using our experience and platform to provide advice, strategy and support for all reports.

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Priority campaigns

These are prioritized, international campaigns to defend waves from immediate threats.

The Maldives
Punta Conejo
Oaxaca, Mexico
San Miguel
Baja, Mexico
Doughmore Beach
Clare County, Ireland

Preventing Endangered Waves From Becoming Extinct.

Some of the world’s best surfing waves have vanished forever. Killer Dana, Petacalco, La Barre – these were considered some of the world’s best and yet they were destroyed.

Today, many other spots around the world are threatened by excessive coastal development (marinas, jetties, breakwaters, etc.) industrial pollution and runoff, and barred access to beaches. 

Coalition campaigns

Save The Waves stands by and supports localized campaigns that are led and organized by affected and passionate communities.

Katoku Beach
Martha Lavinia
King Island, Tasmania
New Zealand

Latest Campaign news

Update: The Battle for Katoku Continues

The battle to protect Katoku continues on as local surfers and residents demand alternatives to the proposed seawall.  Unfortunately, preparations are currently underway for the construction of the seawall including fencing and barricades to mark off sections of the proposed seawall, likely impacting sea turtle nesting and other wildlife at the last pristine beach in

Campaign Update: Victory for Killalea!

The campaign to protect the surf ecosystem known as “The Farm” in Killalea from a development project has been won! This victory is thanks to the incredible efforts of the local community in Shellharbour Beach, Surfrider Foundation Australia, National Surfing Reserves Australia, the Save Killalea Alliance and an outpouring of support from the international surf community.

Save The Waves relies on the engagement and activism of people like you to alert us to surf ecosystem threats around the world.

Protect the places you love.

Donate today and make a global impact for our coastlines. 

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